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The 2018 charity: The Carter Foundation

The Carter Foundation, founded in 2014, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  The organization began as a response to the increased numbers of homicides and other crimes commuted by the youth. The mission is to inspire the youth to make better choices and to give a positive alternative besides the streets. Our services offer mentoring programs for young men and ladies ages 12-19. Within these groups we offer peer tutoring peer support.

T-ball team for ages 4-6

Baseball team for ages 7-9

Travel Basketball teams for males ages 13-17

All of our efforts are aimed towards providing disadvantaged youth with opportunitiesthey may not have. During the summer we take the High school students on college yours.  Every quarter we host free community events to bring unity to the community. Every May we award a student with a book scholarship. Our future goal is to have a bigger facility to reach more of the youth in surrounding areas.

Contact: James Carter 601-480-2321

Twin States Motorfest - Charity Page

Portion of the proceeds to benefit the Carter Foundation.